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Getting tapped or tapping someone out in an academy setting never matters. I repeat: it NEVER MATTERS. No lives are on the line, no money is at stake, the only factor that comes in is personal pride. If we truly take pride in being an ambassador of jiu-jitsu we must understand the universal notion of leaving our egos at the door. Having said that, we are all human. I’ve certainly had instances as a purple or brown belt getting tapped by a hotshot white or blue belt, needing to take a breather for several seconds after a roll to process what just happened. The several seconds has nothing to do with fatigue; it’s more for me to override my own emotions and deal with them the healthiest way I can.
Lately, the time between getting tapped and restarting is becoming less and less as I realize that nothing changes after I get tapped — I still have the same life, same friends, same everything. The only thing that changed is that I got one tap better and one tap wiser.

Athleticism does not equate to knowledge; tapping someone or getting tapped does not equate to skill level. Be a leader within your academy, and understand that a wrestler coming in has specialized knowledge and is often looking for respect. Use them as an asset, do not compete with them. Once the relationship has been established based upon a foundation of respect, you will find that they will reciprocate that same respect. Use them as allies to gain knowledge, and resist the urge to not share knowledge with them. You’ll be thankful later for teammates that force you to grow and evolve based on what they’re throwing at you. If you never show them anything, they’ll stay at the same skill level, and that won’t benefit anyone.

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