March Health Tips

March Health Tips

Here are your March Health Tips from Legends Training Centre…

Spring is Coming! Time to Get Your Health Routine Back on Track

Although you may still be seeing snow outside your window, the longer days and marginally warmer temperatures are the harbingers of spring in Canada. With spring comes the realization that hibernating all winter was probably not the most effective way to stay in shape. It’s time for a tune up! Here are some hints to get your started.

1Plan your week ahead: If there is a favourite gym/group class you can do before or after work during the week, lock that in to your agenda. Use your weekends for longer workouts that you can do during the day or integrate with your children’s sports days or other commitments.

2Train with purpose each day: Don’t wait ‘til you have an hour free to work out, train with purpose each day and you’ll see amazing results.

3Self Control: It can be tough to have self-control during meals. One way of controlling overindulgent eating is to pile your plate with healthy options so there is less space for the unhealthy alternatives. Also, no late-night snacking on leftovers. If you must, go for the fruit or vegetables.

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