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December Health Tips

December Health Tips

Here are your December Health Tips from Legends Training Centre…

Beware of the Party Buffet Food

Party buffet food can be laden with calories and fat. So think about your choices if you’re concerned about weight loss and remember quality over quantity! Try and avoid fatty shop-bought foods such as sausage rolls, pastries, samosas, cocktail sausages etc. One tiny cocktail sausage can contain over 60 calories. Instead opt for things like finger sandwiches with low calorie fillings (ham, turkey, chicken), crudités with salsa dip, Twiglets, sushi rolls, and salads. And then there’s the sweet treat such as mince pies, chocolates, mini desserts etc. It all adds up and it’s easy to forget just how much you’ve eaten when you standing around chatting to friends. Set yourself a limit, such as one mince pie and one mini éclair, and then stick to it. And remember, you don’t have to eat something just because you are offered it!

1Alcohol – it all counts!: Don’t forget that calories in alcohol also count. If you enjoy a large glass (250ml) of white wine, it could contain up to 240 calories…that’s the same as a bar of Fruit & Nut Dairy Milk! So try and be sensible with the amount you drink in the run up to Christmas. You could, for example, stick to smaller glasses, alternate with a glass of water or swap to white wine spritzers.
Here’s a rough calorie content guide:

  • Spirits – 55 calories
  • Small glass (125ml) of wine – 80-120 calories
  • Large glass (250ml) of wine – 160-250 calories
  • Small Baileys – 140 calories
  • Can of beer – 220 calories

2Eat well – fill up first: If you turn up hungry, you’re more likely to over indulge in nibbles, treats, or party food. So continue to eat sensibly during the festive period. Don’t skip meals in anticipation of eating more later on – this is especially important with breakfast. Fill up before you go to an event and you’re less likely to snack or pick. And research shows that meals containing protein (meat, eggs, cheese, and nuts) keep you feeling fuller for longer.

3Don’t give up: It is hard to keep a diet going over the Christmas period so if you do overeat on one day, don’t give up. Instead, wake up the next day and start afresh.

4Keep on exercising: The run up to Christmas is usually a hectic time for everyone with nursery/school events, getting organized, buying presents etc and it’s easy to let exercise slip. But try to keep going with any exercise classes or programs. Not only will it help you maintain your weight, it can also help reduce stress and release happy endorphins.

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