Grappling classes to unleash your power

Gracie Barra Edmonton grappling workout teaches all the latest techniques

Grappling and wrestling at Gracie Barra EdmontonLooking to learn about grappling or improve your wrestling skills? At Gracie Barra Edmonton, we offer the most up-to-date grappling maneuvers and strategies to help you improve your technique and stay current. Our trained instructors are ready to help you with throws, takedowns, holds, escapes, and submissions to make you a grappling martial arts expert.

Our relaxed and friendly environment help men, women and children get into shape and learn practical fighting skills at the same time. At Gracie Barra Edmonton, we offer beginner to advanced grappling classes so no prior martial arts experience is necessary. We welcome all fitness levels!

Some reasons why you should consider grappling classes include:

  • it can be enjoyed by men, women, and kids regardless of previous experience or fitness level;
  • it burns fat and tones muscles at the same time;
  • it helps improve agility, endurance, flexibility, and speed;
  • it is a great form of self-defense; and
  • it’s fun!

Call us today to find out more about grappling classes. Complete the form on this page and receive a coupon to get your first week free.

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