Kickboxing classes in Edmonton for adults

Take the kickboxing challenge


photos by Jamie Davidson

Looking for a fast and fun total body workout that doesn’t feel like work? Look no further than kickboxing classes for adults at Gracie Barra Edmonton. This amazing cardiovascular workout combines boxing with martial arts and a touch of aerobics to help you achieve unbelievable strength and endurance.

Our friendly environment offers women’s kickboxing and martial arts kickboxing courses for men. Throw on the dance tunes and kickbox your way to increased stamina, flexibility, and power.

Following are some of the many benefits of taking kickboxing courses:

  • fast-paced, challenging classes for adults of all ages and fitness levels;
  • amazing physical and mental health benefits;
  • social and energetic classes that keep you motivated and having fun;
  • cardiovascular workout without physical contact between participants; and
  • fat-burning and body-sculpting benefits.

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photos by Jamie Davidson


photos by Jamie Davidson










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