Muay Thai

Muay Thai classes for self-defence

Legends Muay Thai training takes kickboxing to the next level

Self defense Muay thai kickboxing at LegendsAt Legends Training Center, we offer a muay thai gym where participants learn the art and science of using eight points of contact. Through our muay thai kickboxing, you will learn how to use your forehead, fists, elbows, shins, knees and feet as weapons for self defense.

Our effective and lively muay thai techniques will help improve not only your physical strength, coordination, and stamina, but also your mental health leading to improved patience, will power and fortitude.

Muay Thai is about development of the whole self. Its benefits include:

  • acquiring a healthy, agile, and strong body;
  • developing self-confidence, courage, and determination;
  • learning tricks, tactics, and techniques to gain advantage over an opponent;
  • increasing discipline and self-control; and
  • meeting like-minded friends and competitors.

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