Corporate Fitness Training

Workplace Wellness Programs at Gracie Barra Edmonton

Gracie Barra Edmonton welcomes corporate groups
for regular weekly fitness workouts

photos by Jamie Davidson

More and more companies are realizing the value of both mentally and physically fit employees. Regular exercise makes people more productive and less prone to illness.

At Gracie Barra Edmonton, we welcome companies of all groups and sizes to make Gracie Barra Edmonton home to their corporate wellness program. At Gracie Barra Edmonton, we’ll tailor a weekly workout for your staff.

There are many benefits to corporate wellness programs including:

  • more energy during the day for work and play;
  • less prone to sickness and illness;
  • lose and maintain weight;
  • better performance and more productivity;
  • happier and more positive attitude.

Come see what Gracie Barra Edmonton is all about. Complete the form to learn more about our corporate fitness and wellness programs.