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Legends Training Center is where folks from
Spruce Grove go for Martial Arts and Fitness Training

Legends Training Centre is located 10 minutes east of Spruce Grove and offers some of the best Martial Arts and fitness training in the region. We welcome families and individuals from Spruce Grove to come and experience the family friendly atmosphere at Legends. If you are currently commuting to Edmonton, Legends is convenient located on the west side of the city. Start your day with Martial Arts instruction; Finish your day with Martial Arts instruction. Legends: Spruce Grove’s best choice for Martial Arts training.

Spruce Grove Martial ArtsGracie Barra is recognized by the martial arts communities as powerhouse for world class athletes and instructors. Gracie Barra Martial Arts schools are recognized as a well structured, professional family oriented by people in the community. The benefits of Gracie Barra Martial Arts are far reaching and will touch every aspect of your life. At Gracie Barra, our students become leaders. Gracie Barra nurtures your independent thinking, supports your fighting spirit, and helps you achieve your personal BJJ goals. Legends Training Centre (Edmonton’s only Gracie Barra certified school) provides Spruce Grove residents an opportunity to train with the best Martial Arts instructors in Alberta.

Legends has Martial Arts programs for ladies, children, teens and men who want to get physically active and have fun. Legends also offers advanced martial arts programs for the more serious athlete. You won’t find any better Martial Arts closer to Spruce Grove.

Check out some of Legends’ Martial programs:

Legends Training Centre…
where folks from Spruce Grove come for BJJ, martial arts and fitness!