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I had brought my Daughter in for a kickboxing lesson. I found our teacher Kris, very knowledgeable and had taken time to help us follow routines. I would reccomend to anyone to join this class as it was very good.
Paul K.


Really excellent atmosphere with friendly staff and classmates and great instruction.
Samuel T.


The people at the front desk and the instructors were really friendly and helpful. Everyone I was paired up with in the actual class was also really friendly. The facility was quite nice and the price seem competitive to other gyms.
Brad C.


I’m new to BJJ and just based on the atmosphere in the gym and the individuals that go there, I’m comfortable and happy to continue going back.
Courtney M.


Well what can i say..i was so impressed with how the kids 7-9 class was run we decided to sign up for the year.. i liked the perfect amount of warmup/stretching and teaching of how to do each warm up properally. The skills are introduced in such a manor that the kids are kept focusing and the amount of helpers/instructors you have is very key as it helps the ones that kinda stray get back on track . And the games and strength tests really challange the kids and i enjoy watching these and getting a chuckle… thank you very much i will definitly be passing the good word about legends if ever people ask.
Tressa C.


So far legends has met all my expectations. All the classes have very knowledgeable trainers that are attentive and want to help.
Izabela R.


Absolutely love your gym ..it’s everything I have been looking for to expand my knowledge of striking and hone my skills ..I have had a chance to do pads with a few of the other students and have to say everyone’s attitude is awesome to be around ..look forward to finishing my week and returning for my annual sign up.
Josh V.


I have attended 3 kickboxing classes at legends and have had a fun experience each time. The instructor was helpful with technique tips for beginners as he walked around during the kickboxing drills. He did a great job explaining how to work with the basic movements. Super fun class and friendly environment. I would love to see more later evening classes especially the boxing class.
Nena N.


Attended some Brazilian Ju-jitsu classes at Legends in the past couple weeks. Very welcoming and helpful staff.The class I attended had various belt levels but it was clear and fluid even for a beginner. Facility is fantastic. Great experience.
Ginel S.


I took on Legends one week trial and it was as the headliners says, addicting. Not only do they have a beautiful facility, but some of the friendliest staff in the business. They teach top quality martial arts, but (most) of their classes are All-Level friendly.
Allison J.


Awesome people! Awesome teachers, great vibe!
Daniel M.


I absolutely loved the women’ self defense class. The instructors were wonderful at making everyone comfortable, no matter level of ability. I have a physical disability, and the instructors I worked with had no problem with showing me how to modify a move, or to take it slower so I could test my limitations. Being a survivor of domestic violence (the cause of my disabilty) I can’t tell you how much this class has helped me to feel physically empowered and strong, and I was surprised at what I was capable of doing! The guys leading the seminar were impeccable. During the last class, i was so lucky to be paired with Cindy to help practice the moves we learned- she was amazing! I also was so appreciative of the support and tips I received from Ryan … I can’t say enough good about it! Since the class I have been brainstorming how to allocate funds for jiu jitsu classes…My friend and I both are wanting very badly to join your training center, and working on our means to do so in the meantime… 🙂
Anna H.


Great club full of knowledgeable nice guys that go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and welcome.
Kay R.


Went to two jujitsu classes. Staff very knowledgeable and professional, other students friendly and helpful. I plan on coming back. I would recommend.
Dan B.


This was the first time I had the opportunity to attend an event like this, so I didn’t really know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was very informative, had helpful defence techniques and it was absolutely FREE. Thank you for taking the time to provide that at your facility!
Anca I.


The few boxing classes I’ve been to have been awesome. They’re fun, plus you get a good workout as well. I feel better about myself when I go to the classes. I feel it the next few days but it keeps me coming back when I can. And I can’t wait to start my trial of jiu-jitsu. Thanks 🙂
Darian M.


I have only been to two classes so far at Legends and I already love it. I would be there every day if it weren’t for work and school. My first day, everyone was incredibly friendly and welcoming. Thank you so much! I have already started recommending this gym to other people. See you guys soon!
Darian P.


I am very impressed with the facility, from the rolling space to the workout area it looks great. It is a very welcoming place and I can see myself wanting to train at Legends for the long haul.
Nolan C.


I have only been to one class… So far! I loved kickboxing, it was my first time going, the instructor and everyone else there was really nice and helpful if you have questions. I was able to use the one week free pass, i recommend trying boxing or kickboxing for a great workout! Can’t wait to go again soon!
Kayla T.


I was hesitant to try boxing and kick boxing because I was brand new and wasn’t sure what the environment was going to be like for someone who has never done it. Everyone, including other patrons, has been extremely friendly and helpful in learning. It’s been a place of fun instead of feeling awkward and out of place. So thanks guys!
Tara L.


Kickboxing/boxing were fun and it never really felt like a chore of working out, instructors are very friendly, the environment is nice and spacious, unfortunately the location is difficult to get to by bus, but overall, well worth it.
Denver R.


Overall have been very happy with the experience for my trial, everyone is very friendly and always willing to help. My experience has been very eye opening and has influenced my interest in martial arts substantially. I plan on continuing to come to class as much as possible, thanks.
Joseph T.


Staff members at Legends Training Centre are friendly and very helpful. Coaches seem to have a great connection with children. Place is very inviting. Great service and amazing people working there!
Agneta Z.


Very easy and welcoming gym by the staff that works there. Lots of mat room in the gym and spaced out very well. It’s feels like family environment and that starts with the owner down to the white belts.
Derek L.


The staff and coaches have been very welcoming and doing a great job of making our daughters feel welcomed and supported. The staff and coaches are not intimidating which is great as our son is a Black Belt in TaeKwonDo and the organization where he trained was much more intimidating. Legends has a good routine for warm up and warm down stretches. The open concept of the facility with the parent viewing area is great, better than having the various sections separated by walls. The schedule is reasonable for young kids and families and the price allowed us to sign up both of our daughters for a year and buy GIs for them. Also, offering the free women’s self defence classes as a community service is wonderful.
Brad I.


My son loved the class. I love the dynamic of the gym and the instructor was great.
Alayna M.


My son did not want to play hockey and when we were looking at different sports, he saw a picture of kids practicing Judo. He pointed to it and said he wants to do that. So we did some research which brought us to Legends. I took him to a class on a Saturday morning and he absolutely loved it. I was also impressed with the gym. It was very clean and organized and the staff were amazing. His coach was awesome with the kids, a great mix of fun and serious. They need to have fun but also learn discipline and he did a fantastic job. It saddens me that we were unable to take advantage of the full week due to unforeseen circumstances as he has kept asking when he can go do “Karate” again. He knows its jujitsu, he just can never remember the name. Hopefully things will turn around and my son will have the opportunity to fully immerse himself in Legends, cause that’s what we as parents want… physical activity that your child loves and wants to do. Legends, in one short hour, presented that to my six year old son. GREAT JOB!!!
Jeremy B.


Very accommodating and the people are super nice.
Edwin V.


Everyone was friendly, respectful and accommodating for the free trial for my 3 year old daughter
Ryan A.


Great welcoming environment. The instructor made an effort to make you feel welcome. I love the teaching philosophy surrounding Legends
Jonathan M.


My kid loves your gym. I plan on giving my kid a membership to your gym. He likes the atmosphere and people there.
Dan H.


I was working in Edmonton for a short term project and itching to do some rolling / training while here. Someone back home referred me to Legends so I checked it out. I was able to drop in for a class and was very impressed with the instructors, people and the facility. Everyone’s easy going and helpful, the team atmosphere is very apparent. Professor Ryan and Coach Mike were great down-to-earth guys and very technical. If anyone’s looking for a place to train BJJ in Edmonton, it has to be here!
David W.


I have been training in martial arts for the majority of my life, and it is a rare occurrence to find a gym that welcomes you in like you were always a part of the gym family. Legends training centre was extremely welcoming from the moment I stepped in the door. On and off the matts every one there, instructors, and students were extremely friendly and helpful. With out a doubt I will continue to train at legends when my work brings me out to Edmonton.
Adam L.


Great atmosphere, great training sessions, love how you provide everything needed for the week trial. Definitely recommend legends training center.
Victor Q.


Brought my 3 year old to two trial week classes and the coaches were great and they made him feel welcome. Getting a gi to borrow really made him fit in and get excited.
Seema V.


My son took advantage of your free week trial and decided to join your gym. He has come to a few classes and felt welcomed and comfortable in all of them. He is looking forward to coming to many classes this winter when golf season is over 🙂
Brody S.


I recently finished my one week trial and have now purchased a month to month membership. The things I enjoy about the gym are the positive attitudes from staff as well as other members. Going into an environment where you are learning combat sports can be intimidating, however everyone has been inclusive and helpful in learning / getting started…
Garrett W.


My two sons and I both tried kick boxing for the first time. The instructor was great at explaining the technique and came around to check form. Everyone in the class was friendly and welcoming. I would definitely come back.
Omyia J.


I visited LTC during my House Hunting Trip to Edmonton and as part of finding a house I was interested in finding a new Jiu-Jitsu gym. LTC was recommended to me and it was my first stop during my search… after my visit it was my only stop. Right from my first interaction with the front desk (Cassandra) to the Coach (Ryan) and talking with people of all ranks from White to Purple, the impression was positive and I knew that this is the place that I wanted to train at. The open roll was a great experience with everyone, I especially enjoyed getting my butt kicked by the Coach. The facility overall is impressively organized and very clean. A huge plus is the value pricing membership for what you receive in return. I can’t wait to get moved, start training and making new friends.
James B.


My Son is enrolled in The Little Champs Program and I registered into the BJJ Fundamentals Program. The first time we entered the facility there was an adults class going on and Ryan come over to talk to us let us know a bit about the gym and asked about any questions. After that we both tried the free week trial class. My Son had just turned 5 a week before so he is a very young 5 year old in a Class of 5-7 Year Old Kids and this being his first time involved in something like this I was more nervous than he was heading to his first class. Right from the start Ryan & his team took the time to teach him even having an instructor with him the whole time during a class showing him what was being taught. Everyday my son asks me if today is jiu jitsu day. I started in the Adult BJJ because this is something I want to do with my son and also something I always wanted to do. Entering a new gym is always intimidating but from day one here it has been nothing but positive from Ryan on down. If you are in the class everyone is there to help each other. Best decision I have made for my son and myself yet.
Brad M.


It started with a helpful, friendly girl at the front desk. I took the kickboxing class and boxing. They were both great. The instructors came around many times helping all people taking the class. Great place to train.
Roy W.


I brought my 4 year old for the little Champs program, it was his first time in any kind of sport. The trainers were very patient and showed him how to do each and every step. We will definitely be returning!
Shanna C.


Cassandra was very friendly and helpful and made my son and I feel comfortable. Appreciated that Kevin took the opportunity to shake my son’s hand as he was nervous for his first session. The instructors also took the time to explain and coach my son through the drills. Enjoyed the overall experience.
Andrea V.


I have had two group personal training sessions and participated in a circuit training class with Mike! The experience has been amazing! Mike’s attention to detail to my specific needs has been so wonderful! I love the variety of weights and areas in the gym he has me working at.
Donna C.


This was an awesome experience as the instructor was very supportive and positive with everyone- especially us as he knew we had none done this before.
Anne N.


I was very pleased right from stepping into the building. Very clean, friendly staff that are great with the children!
Blaine S.


The place is a great place for children and adults! My son for the most enjoyed himself! Was a bit shy when it came to being paired with a female but that comes with time!! He had a lot of fun!
Lindsay S.


The program was great – it offered the opportunity for physical fitness and learning a few different self defense maneuvers each session. The instructors and experienced participants (from the regular jujitsu class) were very helpful and offered great suggestions on how to better implement the maneuvers. The class atmosphere was welcoming.
Barb L.


Awesome course, very informative, great exercise, every woman should know this. I liked the gym…I have always wanted to take a course like this, but never had the opportunity. Great instructors and students. Now I know I can kick butt if I need to, thanks to Legends
Barb M.


I really enjoy training at your facility. Everyone is nice and treats your training the same way they would treat their own. In the 7 day trial I learned a lot of new things I didn’t know my body was able to do. I look forward to purchasing my membership to continue to work with you guys!
James K.


Had a great time learning the basics of BJJ! It was a super welcoming environment and everyone was really friendly. It was quite outside my comfort zone but I was made to feel very comfortable despite my complete lack of understanding.
Erin B.


Everyone was very helpful, welcoming and informative. I even had other members come and speak with me about the atmosphere and benefits of Legends. We will be signing up for a full time membership.
Angelo M.


I liked the coaches a lot and the way they deal with kids. They made my child love Jiu jitsu.
Faisal S.


Very professional environment and greeted right at the door. I look forward to using your facilities in the future.
David K.


My son and I love this place. We felt welcomed and no child goes unnoticed which is a plus. He asks me everyday if he can go to fighting class. I’m hoping his confidence with himself and even around others starts to increase over time which I think it will because the instructors and even the kids are all extremely nice and accommodating.
Ashlyey B.


It was a overall really good experience and I plan on returning in the new year! Everyone treats you nicely and is willing to help you learn whatever you need too. I would recommend Legends training centre for anybody who is just starting boxing, kickboxing, BJJ, or even just looking to get in shape through a boot camp.
Robin C.


Thank you for allowing my son to try your facility. It was great to see the diversity of kids participating. The coaches were great!
Melita A.


Very friendly people and a great atmosphere. Enjoyed the experience very much.
Mark P.


Legends gym is a great place to learn basics as well as advanced techniques. It provides great understanding and it will get you into shape.
Sebastian B.


My son really enjoyed this experience! I myself enjoyed watching him and seeing him try everything and interact with the teachers and other children. What I appreciated the most and sold me on this was that one of the teachers actually took the time to bring Leo aside and try and teach him how to do the exercise properly. We will be back!
Desseray A.


Everyone I have spoken with and come into contact with at Legends has been very pleasant and friendly. We feel very welcome and my son absolutely loves to attend his jujutsu class. The instructors and staff are very personable and great with the kids. I highly recommend Legends to my friends and family and will continue to be a big fan of the facility and all it has to offer.
Ashley B.


Legends is awesome! The facilities and the staff are fantastic, and the coaches are so patient and they take the time with each child to make sure they are really understanding what they are learning. It’s such a fun and friendly environment, and we are excited to see how far our child will go! Thanks for everything guys!
Carol G.


Legends is tucked away just off of one the main roads in Northwest Edmonton which is easy to get to. Decent amount of parking which can spill over onto one on the side roads. Upon entering the gym it was super open concept like a warehouse, which I very much prefer. You can look right across the gym clearly and see what is going on in all corners. The change rooms were clean and roomy with day lockers and showers (I could only see the mens.) The class I took was the Boot camp for one hour and it KICKED MY ASS which was awesome! The class was led by the owner of Legends named Kevin who seemed like a down-to-earth type a guy and knowledgeable about all aspects of fitness. The front desk staff was also very helpful and answered all my questions that I had. I didn’t try the Jiu-jitsu or boxing classes that they offer but maybe in the future. Overall, I like the comfortable atmosphere and friendly people there and I really prefer the open warehouse style of Legends. Will for sure try again!!
Wade S.


From the very moment we contacted Lindsay by e-mail to inquire about Legends we have been treated with respect, dignity, and have been welcomed with open arms. Our family was invited to come and watch and then participate and Ryan and Lindsay have been extremely helpful way beyond our expectations. They have answered all of our questions, spent time getting to know our children, and most importantly listened to our questions and concerns about our children’s specific needs. Ryan and Lindsay have been very accommodating to our requests as we had already committed to other activities before coming to Legends. They have both gone over and above attempting to fit our needs and have always put our children first. We are very pleased that we inquired about Legends and can really feel the family atmosphere. We look forward to the upcoming year and already want to thank everyone for all their help in welcoming us to the Legends family!
Shawn O.


I had the privilege of training here during my week trial. It was a very positive and rewarding experience. Everyone at this gym is positive, welcoming and very helpful. I was always welcomed by name every time I came here and always felt comfortable while being here. Staff are knowledgeable and very easy to learn from. Kevin is always willing to answer questions and frequently demonstrates and instructs students one on one. Very good atmosphere here, family friendly and welcoming.
Kyle L.


Thank you for having me. I’m looking forward to continue this great art with you guys.
Juanin A.


My first day walking into the centre I was greeted in a pleasant manner and felt welcome even though I never been there before. I found the first class to be upbeat and exciting. Because I worked out hard the first day and was a bit sore, it was a few days before I did my second class. The second class was educational. I enjoy the fact you interact with people of every level and are taught a lot of important information about boxing and skill.
Lacey W.


Loved the program! My children were entertained and they became more confident. The program was amazing! I loved how not only the adult club members taught but also the children of the club taught as well. The program was awesome! I have already recommended it to my colleagues! Thank you for your hard work it was appreciated!
Carmen J.


It was an excellent course and my daughter really enjoyed going, my husband taught Karate to children years ago and was impressed by the level of teaching.
Victoria I.


We only just started and are very impressed with the friendly staff! There is always someone to help or to answer questions!
Kali T.


I started my 5 year old son in jui jitzu two weeks ago. The coaches have been so helpful and supportive. One of the main reasons for starting out in this class was to help Jake improve his focus. The coaches recognized this right away and have been very attentive to what he needs. In addition there is a great ratio of coaches to kids so he is never waiting for help. The results in such a short period of time have been phenomenal. I was so impressed with the facility and its staff that I have started classes myself. Thanks Legends!
Jeremy P.


I was fortunate enough to drop in for a class while I was in town in Edmonton, fantastic facility, great staff and an awesome place all round! Super friendly and helpful students and informative instructors, most definitely will visit again on my next trip to Edmonton!
Cory W.


The Jiu Jitsu session was impressive and I enjoyed working on the skills. The instructors were clear and readily available to assist me in the gym.
Matthew L.


After a long absence from the mats, I came in to Gracie Barra Edmonton (Legends) and I was very welcomed and greeted very kindly by all the students and staff. I would highly recommend it to anyone who lives in Edmonton or is passing through. After working in Edmonton in the past, I often trained at other locations, but this time around it was great to see and train at GB Edmonton.
Eddy J.


The first time walking in I felt welcomed and at home. People were friendly, supportive and insightful! I really enjoy being part of the Barra family!
Katelyn T.


I leave every session feeling like I’ve just had a great workout. Great staff, plenty of really knowledgeable people walking around giving tips and advice.
Sean C.


Legends training center is great. The people who go there, especially the more experienced people who help out new ones like me, are all welcoming and patient when teaching. I felt at home right away and I feel that I have learned a lot in a very short time.
Afton F.


My 6 year old son was eager to try jiu-jitsu and Legends came highly recommended by some friends. My son was still a bit nervous before his first class and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Upon arrival we were greeted by friendly staff and a very clean, welcoming facility. My son felt very included from the start and had fun while being challenged by a very up tempo class. Despite being pretty tuckered out from the initial class, my son decided he’d like to try another class and by the end of the second class begged me to register him and buy him his own gi. It’s only been a couple of weeks but so far I can see why Legends came so highly recommended.
Dave M.


I found the boxing to be quite enjoyable. All staff spoke with were very friendly and helpful and I felt very welcomed. I had fun being there and I hope to find the time to return soon. I only found time to do one drop in class so I feel like it’s not fair for me to criticize the gym. I plan to be back as soon as I can though.
Isaiah R.


I am in Edmonton for just a few months for work, so went in search of a local place to continue my BJJ training. I checked out several spots, but found Legends to be the best match for my interests and needs as a 2-stripe white belt. As a newcomer to Legends Training Center, I felt welcomed and treated with respect. Several people went out of their way to introduce themselves and to talk with me. Ryan’s instruction is top-notch, clear, and consistent. The upper-level belts follow his lead and provide real-time feedback and support for the lower belts. The drilling is deliberate and controlled; each of the partners with whom I’ve worked has been excellent. The pace of the fundamentals class is ideal for learning and for reinforcement of the basics — and for catching up on things I’ve been missing. At the same time, there is a lot of laughter and fun; no one seems to take themselves too seriously, which is awesome. I’m looking forward to my time here!
Liesel R.


Great Instructer! He was very helpful and knowledgeable. Wish we could come more often but we live out of town. Thanks for the help.
Joel C.


Lindsay has been great. She’s always very welcoming and warm particularly to my son. Ryan as well is fantastic and always very welcoming. When he is teaching the class I appreciate that he has a way of keeping control of all the kids (including mine) and keeping the focus going on the class and making it fun. Never seems to be a lull between tasks, short of the time it takes to explain the next task. The other coaches are very good at helping my son (since he’s new) understand the tasks. Overall it has been a great experience so far.
Nick G.


Great classes. Best instruction. Large area to practice.
Ashar M.


Hi! I’m still within my 1 week free trial. I’ve attended 2 jujitsu classes already and am blown away by the respect and support offerd from everyone. The girl at the front desk has been very supportive, especially with my work schedule, she has given me a chance to split up the free classes to accommodate my work schedule which gives me the opportunity to try as much as possible. Despite my nervousness of coming in for the first time, Ryan was really encouraging and made me feel completely comfortable. By the second class he spoke to me as if he knew me for years, and already could see my strengths and weaknesses. He has answered every question iv had so far, and has taken the extra time to show me 1 on 1 tips to better myself. I’ve gotten great support also from many purple belts in the class as well as many juniors like myself. I am already sold, and once I return from work I plan on setting up a membership. You guys have an amazing training centre, and believe me I’ve bragged to many of my friends about it. First time in my life I’ve left a gym with a smile on my face like a child. Thank you.
Grant P.


The coaches are amazing. They take their time to teach and let the kids learn. They take the newer and younger kids and work one on one with them. My children are loving it and it’s always fun to see them learn something new.
Kenny M.


Great facility, coach Ryan was awesome!
Alexandra S.


I signed for a free 7 trial pass at Legends for doing Boxing and Boot Camp classes. I am a hard working out person who has been involved in several sport disciplines during my whole life. I can tell you that this place has Great trainers and efficient working out programs. I have sweat just a few times like I did after trying Legends classes. The only thing I didn’t like it is their payment options, although I have to recognize that you get so many for what you are paying. If the prices would’ve been more accessible, this place would have a 5 Star in the category of the best gyms around Edmonton. I’m planing to sign up with them as soon as my budget allow to me to do it as it is worth it. The trainers and front desk are super. friendly plus they are always encouraging you. The level of exercise is really good and effective.
Yves D.


I was instantly impressed by the size and quality of the facility and equipment. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend Legends to friends and family.
Darren C.


The coaches are very good with the kids. They are strict enough they listen but not too much that they don’t enjoy coming back. The staff and coaches are very nice and easy to talk too. The only thing that I would say as feedback is the building is quite hot. But other than that, my girls are love coming. So I do really enjoy this centre.
Ashley M.


Probably the most fun I’ve ever had and it was so enjoyable. Being my first time doing something like this it was quite the workout but incredibly enjoyable. The instructor was great and taught me important things just on day 1.
Joshua G.


I enjoyed your kickboxing class very much. Great teachers and great workout 🙂 also great energy. I would love and cant wait to come train there again when my schedule clears up .
Maria H.


Great gym and great people I will be back!
Tommy M.


It was a great experience, I really enjoyed everything and everyone was so friendly.
Sinan A.


I really enjoyed the class. very welcoming atmosphere.
Kelsey J.


Awesome workout. Had a great time at the co-Ed boxing. I plan on signing up in the near future.
Jake Y.


I really enjoyed both classes I’ve had (boxing and kickboxing). The instructors have been warm, and technical and I feel they want to improve your skill even if it’s your first time. They were both very clear with their instructions. I also like to see the variety of skill set in each class. You can feel comfortable as a beginner but you can also see where you could go if you aspire to get there. The gym is well lit and clean, and I loved the fact that you open the bay door to let the outside in! Kevin and Ryan are both people I’ve known before so I eased into the class knowing someone there but I felt a little lost the first time on what I needed for the class and where to get it. Thankfully, I met newer members of the group that helped me through. Maybe just a quick your of what’s expected of me would have been good, but other than that, I’m coming back!
Adelai R.


When I first Joined legends I was very nervous, meeting new people was hard for me. But after a few days the class has made me feel like I’ve been there for years. Defiantly a great place, I hope to train even more.
Candace C.


Training here has been nothing but fun and not stop learning. The teachers are thorough in the explanation and the demonstrations! As well as the teaching all the other members I have been placed with have been helpful with helping me perfect each new technique. I would easily recommend anyone to come train here.
Chase S.


It’s always intimidating going to a new gym for the first time, especially when you don’t have a friend with you. I felt that the instructors and members were very friendly towards me and were happy to help me out when I was struggling with something or didn’t know what to do. This worked really well for me and I felt comfortable pretty early on, but I think this is because I have some previous training in kickboxing…
Hanna S.


I could not have asked for s better fit, the classes are challenging, informative and the culture at Legends made my first days at the gym a seamless transition. Without a doubt this experience has been exactly what I needed, an engaging, enjoyable experience with plenty of opportunity to expand my knowledge of jiu jitsu or try other classes.
Stephen S.


When i was at the training centre i took the COED Boxing class and man did i work up a sweat. The coach was helpful and the people were fun. After the boxing class I got to watch a jiu-jitsu tournament and it was entertaining. One thing i really enjoyed about the training centre is that it has that small gym feeling. Where everyone knows each other and you can feel like your part of something cool. When I come back from work I’ll definitely be going back.
Matthew D.


My first impression of Legends is that it holds a family oriented atmosphere. The instructors and membership are all super friendly and welcoming. Ryan is a good coach that all the kids look up to and respect. The kids have fun in their classes and learn and retain what they have learned as well. The adult kickboxing class was an intense, well rounded workout. Perhaps Chris could use an extra instructor to help with skills form and delivery, as there are a large number of students to work with. Great experience so far.
Lisa T.


The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class was well structured and thought the moves very clearly. I exited the gym that day having learned at least 5 new helpful tricks and new moves. The gym is very clean and has a lot of space. I greatly appreciated my first free day and I will be coming back for certain. I recommend this gym to anyone that wants to train their martial art.
Philippe H.


Really enjoyed the class and the atmosphere.
Della G.


I thought that the boxing at Legends gym was very exciting and easy to pick up. Being new to the gym and never boxed before, I was met with staff that was welcoming and engaging and was very patient with me as I began the class. Throughout the class the trainer was supportive and very articulate in directing me and helping me throughout the class. Hearing stories about Boxing gyms and how intimidating they can be I found that Legends gym was nothing like that. The friendly staff and engaging environment had me excited from beginning to the end of class.
Andrea R.


After my one week free trial I signed up as soon as I could. Great staff, friendly atmosphere and a lot of fun!
Graham W.


Kevin, My first class was excellent, and thank you for following up with me. Every one was so excepting and hospitable. I enjoyed my visit, and intend on many more. See you soon. Thanks.
Justin A.


The owners and instructors are invested, professional and patient!
Simone G.


Great my son loved it so he’s an enrolled. Would definitely recommend them.
Lucia L.


Your gym was very nice, bright, open, clean and large! The people were nice and inviting, and I had fun training with you all. It had been a while since I had done a GB warm up! Since I changed careers a year ago I have been traveling all over the west and so I have the opportunity to train at many different gyms. Yours stands out as one of, if not the best in all categories in my opinion. The next time I am in Edmonton I will surely stop in again. Thanks
Kirk B.


You’re instructors were great and the facility was great too. I bought a 12 punch pass as I’m busy (I would come more if I could). My only complaint would be that I wish you ran more boxing classes and had a speed bag.
Nathan N.


I was immediately welcomed at Legends even though I had no previous martial arts experience. The classes are engaging and the environment is very hospitable. I have no complaints and I plan to stay committed to the classes in order to benefit myself, and my teammates.
Sam S.


Had a great workout with the girls. The instructor was very attentive and demonstrated all the equipment safely.
Cory M.


My favorite part about Legends is the people. Everyone is friendly. Everyone is helpful. The energy when you walk into Legends is always very positive. & unlike most other gyms; Legends is family orientated, which is also another added bonus.
Ashley M.


Really good to see that the instructors are attentive to each individual kids in program. Made my kids feel welcome. Impressive facility.
Legaspi L.


The staff are phenomenal, my son feels very comfortable and very welcomed… the atmosphere is great. Highly recommended!
Nina L.


My son is totally enthused to go each session and the experienced instructors make all the difference. They make the class structured but fun. Kendrick can’t wait to show me all the drills and exercises when he gets home.
Jocelyn L.


Great structured environment. My son is having a blast! Ryan commands the kids attention. They respect and listen to him very well. Great job.
Zoltan K.


Legends is awesome! The classes are fun and have great energy. Everybody is nice and helpful too, which makes it even better. The teachers are very skilled and provide good feedback and support. I would recommend Legends to anybody that wants to have fun and sweat. Cheers to the staff at Legends!
Kord H.


I really enjoy the clean and friendly atmosphere for training. Justin is a very positive and informed boxing trainer. However, I am still very interested in learning a bit more about the fundamentals of boxing (proper form). I will be back! Thank you
Philip H.


Justin was great with coordinating our birthday party and keeping the kids entertained for 75 minutes with games, exercises and Ju-Jitsu moves.
Patrick F.


The Women’s Self Defense class was great. Encouraged me to join. Instruction was easy to follow. Everyone was very nice and very helpful.
Mary Ann J.


Best school I’ve been to. Wouldn’t even checkout the other Edmonton ones. Looking forward to continue training and getting better thanks to this gym.
Jonathan B.


Everyone was very helpful, patient and friendly I felt very comfortable with the whole experience.
Ena N.


I came In and was greeted by friendly staff. Everyone was super nice and answered any question I had. I had a great workout and will definitely be back.

Carrie B.


We have recently signed up our seven year old to Jiu Jitsu. He had never tried a martial art before, but was keen to give it a go. Legends allowed us to try to classes for free prior to making a decision. The people at Legends treated us and our son excellently, provided a Gi to our son so he could train and the instruction was excellent. There are numerous instructors on the floor to help both new and experienced kids out. The main instructor is well organized and the atmosphere is very friendly and encouraging. Everyone at the club is extremely approachable and the facilities are excellent. We are now signed up full time and our son looks very forward to his training.

Scott L.


I attended Legends Training Facility for a Friday evening women’s self defence class in Brazilian JuJitsu. We learned 4 intricate moves and specific positioning of Guard. It was very informative of the main teacher and his two helpers. For the small class of 6 I was very impressed with the time and care taken to ensure everyone was comfortable with the moves as well as the atmosphere. It was a great class and I will recommend it to friends. Thanks for an upstanding facility.

Christine H.


My son thoroughly enjoyed the course, and as parents we found it very helpful in knowing how to best guide him in dealing with possible future bullying situations. Thank you so much for offering the service to us in the community!!

Kim C.


Very friendly and knowledgeable instructors plus they have an excellent setting. My son had a great time and learn few tips how to handle difficult situations. A place for anyone who wishes to learn/improve fighting techniques or just improve overall quality of life 🙂

Carina B.


I’ve never taken any classes like this before, and I found it to have a great atmosphere for people of all skill levels. The trainers were very helpful and clearly had a lot of knowledge and skills, and were still able to give plenty of one on one advice during the class. Overall a great experience.

Eric A.


The structure of lessons and teaching methodology confirm the professionalism and experience of coaches.They are friendly,patient and have knowledgeable in many areas.The building is spacious and clean and I think we made the best choice.

Radu M.


Really nice environment, good gym hours, good facility, great coaching.

Christopher T.


Just moved from another province. Found the Gym very welcoming, the people are serious about their martial arts…. great way to start up or continue in Edmonton. Great people, great environment, great teacher!

Warlley D.


So far, I’ve really enjoyed my classes at this gym. The gym is very big and spacious and does not smell at all. Even though the classes are big, theres always someone to provide you with personal help. Finally, the people are great and you feel like you’re becoming part of a family.

Zohaib S.


I think its a great place . Very good people and really friendly. I having a really good time there and i would like to keep training there . Coaches are teaching me a lot of useful things and i’m happy with the skills that they give me.

Yulian V.


I like this gym, because it provides me with the best work out opportunities that I need to stay in shape.

Marina A.


Great place with helpful people and instructors. Would have enjoyed the no GI BJJ prior to the 2015 schedule change. Look forward to signing up for the annual program.
Andrew U.


My first time at legends training centre I didn’t know what to expect. What I found was that it is exactly what I was looking for, extremely flexible times and high intensity cardio. I can’t wait to see my transformation in 6 months!

Jason L.


I joined the Women’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class as a complete beginner and have only been to two classes so far and I have found the staff/instructors very helpful and I enjoy learning the techniques being taught. I look forward to every class!

Sheryl D.


Everyone was friendly and I felt comfortable…great place to go no matter what shape you’re in.

Lisa N.


The staff at the centre we’re welcoming and friendly. I did the boxing class while my daughter did BJJ. The staff were really great in engaging my daughter in the exercises and helping her form etc. the boxing class was excellent, one of the best exercise classes I have ever participated in and I’ve done several.

Reshawn C.


The gym experience over all was great. Loved the layout of the gym, equipment is new and people seemed friendly.

Victor D.


I was happy to see a clean well organized and big bright place. I first was just bringing the kids to try it out over the taekwondo they were taking. They loved it way way better and begged to come back again and to switch…so I was in and out with them twice before watching the adult class for a bit. Thought why not give it a try myself. I had my 1st class tonight then free roll so 2 hours… i am tired. But was that ever fun and a challenge. I can’t wait for next class .. also my gal is starting the women’s class and now it’s the whole family. I was surprisingly how much of a true family gym it is. 🙂 everyone has been super friendly. Thanks

Trevor B.


Legends is a awesome gym. I went to one Jits class and the teachers were very knowledgeable, once my back is healed up I will be joining full time and back to competition 🙂

Dale M.


I started training 2 weeks ago. I love this Training Centre, it’s my second home. As soon as you walk in the door you feel a great vibe. You don’t get that intimating feeling that other Training centres give. Everyone from the staff to the members are very friendly and down to earth. There’s nothing better than to train somewhere that you feel wanted and welcomed. When you are there you feel like part of their family. Whether you are looking to lose weight, build muscle, or learn any of the instructional sports (Kick Boxing, , Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, MMA) this is the gym to do it at!

Ken K.


Excellent Training. I enjoyed the training , parking and facilities . Areas of improvement is that the instructors be identified or announce their class so new comers can be aware . The gym was well equipped with every single thing that you may need .

Nate S.


Friendly atmosphere, both the instructors and gym members. Very welcoming to new members. Staff (Justin) has been very helpful with inquiries.Would recommend to others.

Diana L.


I tried out Legends with my husband who is a member at the club. I enjoyed how quiet the gym was and we were able to just walk around and try out different equipment while we waited for our co-ed boxing class to start. The class itself was really enjoyable and tough. I have never boxed before but the instructor was super helpful giving me lots of tips. I really had no complaints about the whole experience.

Carys B.


Being out of shape and venturing back into a regular routine was a bit intimating. Had my son three years ago and haven’t found the time to work out so I want a new routine that going to push me to my limits which the boxing class definitely did! The trainer was super helpful with correcting my punch and keeping me motivate and focused to keep pushing through the hard times. Seems like there’s all different fitness levels and respect is something I can tell the gym holds in all accounts. A few days ago I tried out an mma class and it was just 10 times better. Very excited to keep progressing and continue to work Legends into my regular weekly routine!

Larissa A.


I only attended the bootcamp twice in my free week. I liked the variety of exercises and the fun atmosphere. I like the exercise space and the types of classes offered. I will likely purchase a drop in pass.

Jacquie J.


Quite the workout. Intense. Great instruction. Everyone’s friendly and encouraging.

Diandra R.


I’m very happy with the legends experience so far. The coaching is great the atmosphere is great and facility’s likewise. Look forward to going every day, thanks guys, made me feel very welcome

Gaelen K.


My husband and I came to try out boxing for the purposes of a workout. We really enjoyed it and appreciated the help provided by the trainers.

Heidi B.


I am loving Legends! I only do the one class (boxing) but every class is different, and it is the challenge I was looking for while working out. The staff are very friendly and helpful. I have nothing bad to say about Legends.

Celia S.


I have been to the gym four times so far and am very impressed! They really tick a lot of the boxes I was looking for: it’s a big facility with lots of space, the atmosphere is friendly, doesn’t seem to be any egos so far, and the schedule is such that you can get training in any day. I also like that there is gi and no gi training. If there were a few more pull-ups bars you would have all the equipment of a full crossfit gym as well. The classes are very structured – there are no surprises as to the layout of any of the classes I went to. The BJJ instructor, Ryan, is very upbeat and professional. And he’s very good at teaching.

Jerrod S.


My daughter likes the instructors and the people in her class. I am happy that they are happy. The registration was simple and I really liked that we could try it for a week before we made our decision.

Catharine G.


Legends made me feel super comfortable on my first day there, everyone was very friendly. Each class is always challenging me to push my limits and it motivates me to come to each class knowing I’m going to get a wicked workout and have a lot of fun too.

Cayla L.


I felt very welcomed, accepted, and comfortable in this non-judgemental environment fostered by the talented and personable staff.

Danae S.


I tried a couple Jujitsu classes for the first time at your gym, and enjoyed it so much I bought a membership directly afterwards! Everyone is very friendly and encouraging at Legends, it’s a real positive environment to be in. I’m definitely hooked!

Steph P.


Huge facility, broken up into the different disciplines with classes running at the same time. Kids can train while mom n dad can sweat too. Lots of instructors so lots of one on one. Very welcoming to the green guy with zero intimidation. The kids love it and I can already see their confidence soaring. Bye, bye bullies. Pretty impressive. Really gotta go and see it.

Shane Mullins


Went to first open tournament at your gym and it was great! My daughter had some great competitors and learned a lot .. The staff was very friendly and the gym was amazing… Overall great experience.

Tina Dahl


I had a great time and really enjoyed the class I took. The instruction was great and the group of guys taking the class were very helpful and fun to work with. I really look forward to joining your gym… Thanks again!!

Dave Graham


My very first time walking into Legends I felt like I just arrived at home. At legends it’s not just about the training, it’s about making people feel welcomed and respected. I now have become a member of yet another family and I can’t wait to see that family grow! As for the training… It covers it all, great instructors, awesome classes, an abundance of knowledge about each variation of fighting, along with great fitness classes. All in all this gym is the place to train!

Randy Mc Lean


Showed up not knowing what to expect, staff was very welcoming and encouraging. The workout was hard but the instructor was there to motivate and coach me through it. I will be returning 🙂
Jeremy Howell


I love the club. It has all the things I like in a dojo: friendly people, good equipment and a good workout. One thing though, a water fountain would be handy.

Jim Weiler


I brought my daughter to legends for the tournament last weekend. She is 6. We loved that it was round robin and that she could get a ton more practice that way. We also loved that she was in a category filled with other girls, she’s never had that luxury in the past 2 years of competing. Well done!

Shannon Armstrong


Best Center I have ever been part of. The kindness and patience of instructors I have dealt with are amazing. It does keep me motivated to go as much as I can every week…I do not have honestly any bad criticism to make, keep up the great work!

Celine Halliez


I enjoyed my first class on Sunday…I like Sundays as the gym is nice and quiet. I think Justin is an amazing instructor. He made me feel comfortable and I didn’t feel intimidated or worried/nervous about making a mistake or doing something wrong. He is exactly what I have heard/read Jiu jitsu is about..patience, understanding, caring, and accepting of everyone no matter what. I have referred friends to his class & will continue to. Positive, caring, friendly, patient people are very important to me when choosing a gym. For some it takes a lot to get to the gym, for me it’s care for my son. Being able to have him there is the only way I can take the classes and when I look over and see members of the gym helping him, playing with him, it reinforces my decision to train here. Kevin your family belief shows every time you speak, you truly care and are the heart of legends, anyone can train but to make every single person feel valued and important is truly remarkable. Thank you. See you soon.

Jolene Thorne


Boxing has always been something I want to do but I have never been a big fan of going to the gym – simply working out with machines is too boring. Plus being a shy person I am not comfortable in “classes” with a whole group of people I don’t know. After having few consecutive weeks of stress, I finally look up boxing classes/gym in Edmonton. After exchanging few emails with the trainer Kevin I decided to utilize the free week trial offers at Legends Training Centre. Setting my foot into Legends for the first time, not only I did not smell the stink of sweat but I saw the friendly and safe environment of parents picking up their kids from martial art class. Going to my first class of train smart boxing, I was still nervous but everyone in class was being helpful and the class environment was very encouraging too. So far the classes I have attended are suitable for all levels and ages. I look forward to spending 4 days a week at Legends.

Shirley Cheung


Legends lives up to everything it advertises. Friendly, fun and welcoming atmosphere. They have a clean and well stocked facility. I highly recommend Legend for anyone interested in starting their fitness or martial arts journey or developing their skill set.

Bill Killinger


For my free-week pass I took the boxing class and loved it. I will now try it for a full month. My only suggestion would be a one-time class for beginners taking you right from wrapping your hands through all the punches/moves, tips about breathing, etc. I am picking things up pretty quickly as I go, and Allison was an immense help at my first class. I was thrilled to get her for a partner because she taught me A LOT as we went along. Kevin, you’re friendly and helpful. I enjoy you being our instructor. I’m looking forward to continuing on in this class and getting better. I know it’s working body-wise because I felt it in my arms and back after each class. Very happy.

Jamie Ringuette


This was very informative and fun for kids. It was a great way for them to learn techniques and principles from the Gracie Barra philosophies to overcome bullying which is such a prevalent part of our society right now. The techniques involved overcoming with words to avoid conflict primarily and also physical ji-jitsu style techniques if the conflict deemed the use of self-defense necessary. The instructors also demonstrated that even if you aren’t being bullied yourself, but you see another kid being bullied, you and your friends can overcome the bully through congregating as a group and stand up for others. The instructors made it fun and were very patient with the kids. All in all a great experience, and thanks to Kevin and his staff for a great ‘free’ event.

Guy Bellis


Kids should be able to co-exist and live free from harassment and bullying. I’m really glad Legends Training Center is raising awareness against bullying and teaching our kids how to defend themselves against bullies without being violent. This was a great bonus for the community as it was also free. This shows how truly family-oriented Legends Training Center is.

Raygen Nicolasora


Attended the free week of classes and can honestly say that it was great. Members of the team took the time to run thorugh the drills and ensured that I understood them and were very helpful with any questions I had. Ryan was great at giving instruction and always took the time to engage the members who had questions or seemed to struggle with the mechanics of the drill. The facility is very clean and there is more than enough space for the classes being held. Everyone was friendly and welcoming and there also seems to be a good mix of skill set. I will now be signing up with them this week.

Rod Walsh


Rearranging our work schedule, and madly rushing around to drive 20 minutes, 2 days a week… is completely worth it for us to bring our 4 year old son to his “ninja class” at Legends. It took us some time to find the right place for our son to attend some sort of martial arts class. We did not want to have him in a class that was not structured and was more focused on entertainment then actual learning. Finding Legends through word of mouth was the answer. Our son can not get enough of the classes, and for us as parents, watching the enjoyment on his face, while seeing that he is learning proper technique while having fun, we could not have asked for better.

We find the instructors are fantastic with the children, they have no issues addressing horse play when needed, or when the children are having some difficulty with the motions, they will pick them up and place them correctly. They make games out of learning. The children think all they are doing is playing a game, but we are parents can see what this game is teaching them, and how it is directly related to the specifics of the art.

I can see us continuing to attend Legends classes for many years to come.

Camille and Michael Coderre (Nathan age 4)


“I took a boxing class and one ji jitsu class.. now I am hooked. This is the best gym I’ve ever seen or been to. No ego’s no wannabe’s. Just guys and girls who want to train and become better at their sport. I can not wait to learn more from Ryan and the rest of the team there.

Marty Jordan.


“My wife and I, both in our fifties, recently joined Legends Training Centre and started to see results almost immediately. We make an effort to come in at least 3 times per week, 4 if we can make it. In as early as the second week with Kevin, we noticed that our clothes started to fit differently, and our stamina, balance and strength improved. Kevin is involved, challenging and supportive, and his workouts (no two the same!) offer variety, challenge and fun! As with many things, you are going to get out what you put into the workout, meaning the more effort that we as the client expend, the more results we are going to see. Kevin’s job is to put a workout in front of us that gives us that opportunity and we feel that this is where he excels. If you are having a good day where the energy seems to keep flowing you can indulge in a ‘no-breaks’ workout that takes you to the next level; not every day is going to be like that however, and if you run out of gas Kevin is the first one over to offer an alternative or say ‘sit these rep’s out, we’ll get going on the next sequence’. The first while for beginners is going to be challenging; if you stick with Kevin you will see results and the workouts will start to get easier. Anyone with an ‘I can do this’ attitude will excel and see results. The entire staff here is awesome and there is a positive energy throughout Legends, we would recommend it to anybody!

Jay and Patti Foster


“I never used to look forward to going to the gym until I went to Legends. Legends is truly a family. Non intimidating and motivating. All I have ever done is shown up and I have a hard and very different workout every time.“


“My objective was to start at Legend’s to improve my boxing and to start building more muscle. I have since been training at Legend’s for the better of a year and have improved my boxing to the point where I have now begun MMA training, and have gained 11 lbs of muscle. Even though I have reached my initial goal’s, Legends is the perfect environment to push myself further and harder, achieving more than I would have ever expected.“

Cody B.


“In the past 4 months I have lost 15 pounds participating in Ladies Cardio Boxing twice a week. I found the classes to be full of variety and welcoming to all fitness levels in a friendly environment. These classes have helped improve my core strength, endurance, and overall fitness level.
Thank you Legends. “



“I have been training for about 14 years now , in that time I have trained at many different gyms across Canada and Alberta . I have found that legends offers much much more than just weights and equipment . The atmosphere is very energizing and motivating . The workouts are top notch , the classes that are offered in your monthly fee are fantastic , you will learn so much more than just how to “lift a weight” . If you go to their classes 3-5 days per week and that’s all you do the results will blow you away . To say the least I am very impressed with Legends and the family environment they offer, great place to train and meet very cool people.“



“This is the best martial arts discipline I have ever been involved with. I’m glad I took up BJJ and really made a great decision with Gracie Barra here at Irvine just of the I-5. Thanks to all the instructors for their help. It’s great. When I first joined it was just for fitness, now it’s part of my lifestyle. I’ve lost around 20 pounds and my conditioning is the same as when I was twenty. All my family are involved now – 2 daughters doing really well withing the sport. Looking back taking up Gracie Barra BJJ was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made :)”

Barry Crowther


“Legends is truly a family training centre. We searched the city for a gym that would allow our whole family to get in shape and take classes in MMA, boxing and jiu jitsu, and Legends was exactly what we were looking for. It is a bright, clean, friendly environment that welcomes everyone to challenge themselves in a variety of classes. The best part for us is that my husband, teenage son, and me can all go at the same time. We have all seen a substantial improvement in our fitness levels since we started training at Legends (not to mention I can now throw a pretty good left hook if I ever need to). If you ever wanted to try out some boxing, MMA, jiu jitsu or fitness workouts, I highly recommend Legends!”

Kerry Avery


“I would definitely recommend legends for children. Any parent who has experienced the frustration of having their kid bullied would benifit here. The trainers especially the owner really make an effort to connect with each child individually.”

Reema H.


“It was so helpful for my child. It gave my child confidence. Thanks!”

Sunny J.


“I truly enjoyed my first week at legends. Enough so that I am ready to pay a gym fee to be able to take these amazing engaging classes to learn more about the sports I love, get in shape, and have a fun time with extremely welcoming people.”

Joseph K.


“Our son has been attending for two weeks now and is loving it. Although the drive is a bit long for us it is worth it to see him actually paying attention and trying to learn. Coach Ryan is so great with him and doesn’t let him get away with anything.”

Jody V.