Dryland Training for Teams

Dryland training for teams

Programs designed to help your team get a competitive edge

Team conditioning and dryland training in EdmontonLooking for a dryland workout to help take your team to the next level? Gracie Barra Edmonton offers dryland exercises specific to teams – all types, all ages, and all levels. Anyone who has ever played on a team – soccer, swimming, hockey, basketball, football – knows it’s not about individual skill, it’s about how they work as a team.

Our fitness training experts work to design a training program specific to your team’s skill level. Your team will work on balance drills, agility training, movement skills, plyometrics and flexibility training that will show benefits on the field, court, ice, and pool.

There are many benefits to organized dryland exercises for teams including:

  • reduced risk of injuries;
  • improved aerobic power and anaerobic endurance;
  • increased strength;
  • superior power and speed; and
  • team-building camaraderie.

Find out more about how your team will benefit from our dryland training programs at Gracie Barra Edmonton. Complete the form on this page and receive a coupon to get your first week free.

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